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How I discovered the value of a plan when trying to reach my goals.

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Hi, my name is JD and I’m a planner. It’s in my DNA. I took the course, I read the book, and I have the t-shirt. Then I saw a quote from Dwight Eisenhower, US General and President “planning is everything, the plan is nothing” and it made me think about why I plan, or in some cases just plain over-think.

For me I believe my planning really means I picture the steps needed to get from point A to point B. You could say the destination is my goal and the steps then become points along the way. But my planning also includes imagining what possibilities might occur to put me off track, and how I might avoid them. My straight journey becomes curved, goes up and over hills, or takes drastic right-angled turns.

I don’t usually write these down either. I think about opening that project planning software and going full Ghantt chart. But more times than not it’s an intuition, it’s in my head, and it’s like a rehearsal for the stage direction that might come.

And then it hit me – my planning is so I feel prepared for most possibilities, and being prepared gives me confidence. Even a mediocre plan makes it easier to take the first step into the crowded room. A stronger plan means I’m ready for a string of activities. And a big audacious plan, sometimes called a full-blown roadmap, really puts the wind in my sails. That’s right! Planning means I duck and turn around a speed bump and stamp down on the accelerator when things are smooth. And I know I’m still tracking toward that destination.



2 Responses

  1. What an interesting quote! I think I need to remember that one.

    I am a terrible planner. I bought the most beautiful year planner book to help me get better at it… it didn’t help much, but it’s still beautiful, so there’s that. I also joined an accountability group, which does help quite a bit.

    But I shall try to remember ol’ Dwight’s advice!

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