About JD Gibson

The joy of voice

I love the challenge of a new script, and how everything from the local hardware store to an international fragrance brand all have stories to tell with emotions to convey. I’m energized by the depth of expertise required to build and run a successful business and stand out in a large crowd. And I’m grateful how in a world of tight deadlines and fierce competition I can still enjoy such rewarding relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

A close up head shot of JD Gibson voiceover who is smiling at the camera.

Who is JD Gibson?

My voice has been described as trustworthy, friendly, authoritative, and engaging. I generally fit the 30 – 50 vocal age range with a native general American accent. Perfect for your commercial, E-learning, and corporate needs, or any place you need to clearly convey your message.

I continue to hone my craft and improve my skills as a voice over artist. This means ongoing courses and individual coaching, allowing me to offer clients more variety, more genres, and more value. I’m eternally grateful to the education I’ve received from these sources.

A creative problem solver

As a child I was involved in the school band and choir, but I was also drawn to the techniques and precise nature of things. A sense of patriotism and duty saw me doing all sorts of computer and networking jobs in the military, and later across roles in the corporate world. Looking back I can see a parallel between writing an elegant computer program to composing a symphony. I learned to identify problems and find the easiest path through a complex landscape.

JD Gibson voiceover stood in front of iron railings holding a mug of coffee.
A black and white photo of JD Gibson voiceover who is laughing, looking away from the camera.

Trusted and dependable

So when I turned my attention to voice over I sought out the best coaches and equipment available to me; not to brag, but to remove one potential problem at a time for me and my clients. Because when I make my business easy for my clients, I make it easy and a joy for myself.

I’ve visited four continents, lived in seven cities across three countries, and worked with countless numbers of diverse people in dozens of places. Regardless of race, gender, culture, or language I’ve found that everyone enjoys working together toward a common goal – and really nailing it!

Everyone wants to succeed and make an impact, and it’s nearly always more fun together.

Get in touch

Drop me a note through my contact form or direct in an email, give me a call or a text message, or we can get to know each other on social media. I really want to hear what you’re looking for and explore how I might be able to help. Isn’t it time we start to build a relationship together and create something awesome?