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You’ve seen my site, listened to my demos, and read a bit about me. It’s time to break the ice and connect! Whether it’s the first time, we already have an ongoing relationship, or we’re setting up a live-directed session there’s a method here for you.

JD Gibson voiceover sat smiling at the camera holding a mug of coffee.

Get in touch

Most of my work is recorded from my isolated and treated home studio. I’m happy to support live directed sessions using a variety of systems. If you want to arrange recording sessions in another studio let’s chat and work out the details.

Local Covid regulations and guidance will always be considered, and safety measures will be taken for everyone’s protection.

How can I help?

Connecting to you

Directed sessions will use the technology best fitting the needs of the client. Most commonly I use:

Source Elements
Bodalgo Call

Want a custom demo?

Fully produced demo reels give you an idea of what I sound like with all the magic of production. However, sometimes you need to hear your script – with your services or products – to ensure my voice fits with your brand. I will happily record a sample using a short selection from your script and quickly get this back to you. To make a request, tap the button below..