Frequently Asked Questions

Clients today are spoiled for choice – and I love that! Every voice is different and each project may have different styles. It might be the details surrounding the actual voice that makes all the difference.

JD Gibson voiceover stood in from of a graffiti wall, looking at the camera, smiling.

Why work with Gibson Voice Over?

When you work with me, you’ll get the benefit of my professional training as a voice over artist and my continual investments in coaching, processes, and sound quality. In all aspects of my business I try to make our relationship simple and to be easy to work with.

You also benefit from my years working in Information Technology (IT), corporate organizations from small to mega-companies, and even my time in the military and federal sectors. For me it’s more than just words on a page, it’s understanding the meaning which translates into a connection with your customers.

Listen to demos

Hear what I can do for your brand and imagine that professional sound helping you deliver your message to your audience.

Rates (and usage) are two of the most important and most mysterious topics. The short answer is ‘it depends’. The number of variables and permutations means every project is quoted based on the unique details. Genre, length, even where you are dictates changes in the rates so you get the best price and I receive fair compensation.

Most rates start with a basic studio fee (BSF). This hourly fee is similar to calling out a plumber to your home regardless if the job was a washer and replaced in 10 minutes. Quotes and invoices from me clearly itemize the rates and fees we have agreed to.

I pay attention to the shifts in market value and I control my own costs. I use Global Voice Acting Academy and Gravy for the Brain as two leading sources for rates. I then make my own business decisions and work with every client to come to an agreement.

Like Rates, usage plays an important role in some genres to protect the value of copyrighted intellectual property and provides guidance and expectations for clients. For example, a television commercial that runs nationally for a year is seen by more customers and has more value than an ad that runs in one city for 3 months.

I don’t want clients to pay more than they should, so typically if your project includes usage I will quote up to one year and explain renewal license fees if needed in the contract terms and conditions.

My demos will give you an idea of how I sound, but I will record a short sample for free so you can hear how your script might sound. If you would like to request a sample demo, simply complete this demo request form.

The thing that can ruin a business relationship the fastest are surprises. That’s why I use contracts and terms & conditions as early in our relationship as possible. I want clients to be informed and know what to expect. I also know nobody thinks sitting down with a long contract in front of the fire is their idea of a relaxing evening, so I try to use simple language and get right to the point. Fairness and protection of your interests and mine are paramount.

Do you want to listen in as I record, make tweaks, and know immediately we’ve got the read you’re looking for? Fantastic!! I love live directed sessions and I want you to as well.

I regularly use SourceConnect, CleanFeed, Bodalgo Call, Zoom, and Skype to connect with clients, producers, and engineers around the world. This industry is about telling a story and making a connection with the listener. So what better way for us to do that ourselves?

Sometimes a word or phrase gets muddled, or there’s a mistake in the recording. These are most often corrected on the spot in a live directed session. But if I’m recording on my own and you hear a flub, I will of course correct that as part of the agreed-to fee. 

I’ve learned the only thing that is constant is change – and sometimes this includes the script. If the legal department has come with a change to a word or two let me know. Usually we can come to a quick agreement. I’m not interested in charging for something minor and ruining a long-term relationship. However, if most or all of the script has changed it will be quoted as a new project and costs for the previous recording is typically reduced to just the BSF.

My normal delivery method is WeTransfer. You get notification, have time to download the files on your schedule, and I get notified when you have what you need to confirm.

If you have a preference though, I’m happy to use the system that works best for you so long as it is an electronic method. I’m not set up to produce physical media like tape or CD.

I accept electronic payment via bank transfer (BACS) or credit cards processed via Stripe. Details will be provided on your invoice.

Get in touch

If you have a question not answered here or just want to explore these in the context of your project do get in touch. Let’s clarify any details and move forward to satisfy your needs.