JD's Demo reels

Listen or download my demo reels, or dive into any particular genre and style with the full clips. And when you realize I have just the sound you’ve been looking for, I’ll make booking quick and easy.

JD Gibson voiceover walking towards the camera, smiling.

JD's voice style

JD’s voice combines authority with ease. He’s a great fit for commercial, corporate, and e-learning / explainer styles.

  • PITCH: Baritone, male, 30 – 50.
  • TONE: Confident, approachable, cheerful.
  • ACCENT: General American.
  • STYLE: Assured, conversational, friendly.

Commercial Reel

Perfect for advertizing your brand, product, or services on TV, radio, online, or anywhere you need to broadcast.

Read styles: Conversational, bright, sombre, friendly, helpful.

To download the complete Corporate reel, click below.

Commercial Video Demo

You don’t have to close your eyes and imagine how my voice will sound in your commercial. Instead you can immerse both your ears and eyes into this video demo and experience for yourself how it comes to life.

E-learning Reel

Training your customers or employees is easier with engaging and relatable voice over to increase retention.

Read styles: Characterization, serious, up-beat, conversational.

To download the complete E-learning reel, click below.

Corporate Reel

Your explainer videos, messages, and announcements have greater impact when you let me tell your story.

Read styles: Dramatic, relaxed, conversational, technical, reassuring, inspiring.

To download the complete Corporate reel, click below.

The Studio Sound

Listen to this raw sample from my booth so you can be confident that my recording space meets your requirements.

My voice is clean and clear, and the silence is golden.

Want a free custom demo?

Fully produced demos give you an idea of what I can sound like after all the magic from production is done. But sometimes you want to hear your words, with your product or service, and then realize you’ve found what you’re looking for. I’m happy to record a short sample using a portion of your actual script with a rapid turnaround and sent back directly to you, generally as an mp3 file.

Contact JD

Or you may have heard enough already and don’t want to spend another second searching. With some details of your project and your approved script, I’m sure we can come to a quick agreement and I’ll get to work. Email, text, phone, or better yet fill out my contact form so you don’t miss a thing and I’ll respond as soon as I can.